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15 minute manifestation

Manifestation, currently, is a hot and trending topic. The same is relatively attention-drawing too! All things being equal, if someone told you that it is, undeniably, possible to utilize the power of your thoughts to manifest your dreams into reality, it will be, undoubtedly, a heck of an information to decipher! Manifestation is a strong concept. In a simple fashion, it is about concentrating on something specific, and targeting the same, until it becomes a physical reality.

In its ordinary usage and parlance, manifestation means that you, yourself, through your cognitive ability, has the control and power to believe in something that the same is so strong and convincing and that it shall come to pass, or bound to happen, into your life.

Is it entirely possible to manifest [and convincingly believe in] money, good health, and/or success in your life? Let’s find out if the program product, the “15 Minute Manifestation” by Eddie Sergey, can be of value to you!

The 15 Minute Manifestation | Product Program

The Fifteen [15] Minute Manifestation program claims to rewire, recoil, reprogram, or repurpose your brain to be more receptive and open. Assisting you with specific audios that you need to listen every day, the program aims to stimulate and reorganize your brain cells.

In applying the techniques, you will eventually manifest [externally] your desires, subjective wants, and subconscious beautiful perceptions into your actual life.

What the program does is that it unclutters your limited, fixated mind and rouses its powerful alert and focused state by working with the subconscious or the subliminal reservoir of your brain.

It evaporates unhappy, toxic, and harmful thoughts in the initial stages of the course methodologies, thereby, making yourself stress-free first. Afterwards, your brain can begin targeting, and concentrating on, the abundance that is powerful enough to attract it.

What Will You Get?

When you purchase ‘The 15 Minute Manifestation’ program, you get access to a member’s area containing:

  • A 12-page Jumpstart Guide (on how and when to use the audio tracks)
  • 3 Main Audio Tracks and 1 Bonus Deep Sleep Track
  • Manifestation Wizardry eBook

There are also a few upsells like:

  • 15 Minute Money Magic ($67)
  • 15 Minute Health Reboot ($47)
  • 15 Minute Relationship Magic ($47)

The upsell offers are discretionary; they are optional. The creator does not persuade, much less push, you aggressively to purchase them.

How Does it Work?

You need to spend 15 minutes every day for at least 21 consecutive days listening to the audio tracks. You need to listen to the first track for seven days, the second track for the next seven days, and so on.

The audio tracks are made up of Theta Frequencies that “speak to the subconscious mind” and aids it to become more open, aware, and confident.

Obviously, at the end of 21st day, you will not experience any magical awakening! Keep your expectations at a reasonable level.

It is respectfully found out that the program works with concepts of Neuro Linguistic Programming (which is very much a science) to declutter and soothe your mind. Your mind, minus the stress and negativity, thinks much more confidently and powerfully.

Coming in to the Bonus, let us dive in: You will have the Deep Sleep track as Bonus. It includes the Delta frequencies. These so-called frequencies work in calming the brain to go into a state of rest and tranquil sleep.

Consequently, whenever you are, or you feel, anxious and worried, thus, having trouble in sleeping, this audio track [sound frequencies] is a great way to get you the much needed relaxation, especially mind and brain relaxation.


  • The program is based on scientific approach. Hence, it is anchored on science. The established rules of quantum physics and NLP are applied to manifestation techniques. The creator, Eddie Sergey, expounds his research, explained and clarified it, and how the same works, etc. all in detail and in understandable language. This is quite commendable since we are talking about brain science, one of the most medically challenging sciences there is.
  • The program is not time-consuming. You just need to spend 15 minutes each day listening to an audio track, and that’s all.
  • Doing the program religiously does not require much effort on your part. There are no brain-challenging exercises or something. Whenever you are free, sit back and listen to a soothing audio track for some time. It really can’t get easier than this! Also, it does not require a specific kind of environment that you need to create for it to work. You can just sit and listen in wherever you are.
  • The Deep Sleep Bonus track is quite effective. You can actually get a solid good night’s sleep after listening to it.
  • Eddie offers a one-year money-back guarantee. This is a rare one! You can try the program for a month or two and if you don’t find it yielding results for you, just return it for a refund. I was impressed with the timeline of 365 days versus the usual 60-day period that most products offer.


  • This is not an instant solution. You need to be consistent with it for results. Being subjective by its very nature, it may take different time periods to develop for people. To notice significant effects, certain people may have to do it for a higher number of days.
  • The audios and the guidebook are available online only. There are no CDs delivered to you. I would’ve liked to have a physical copy for ease.
  • Some people have reported light headaches after listening in. It, of course, goes away soon. This just goes on to show that it may be for everybody. Here the money-back option has you covered.

Personal Experience

As previously stated, a famous author, by the name Eddie Sergey, created and developed this 15-Minute Manifestation. This product is a quantum leap personal development program that enables you to precisely re-harness your psyche, thus, permitting you to manifest the soul of your dreams.

If given the opportunity to choose only 1 personal development product once on a decent budget, I will absolutely select this Fifteen [15] Minute Manifestation. One good reason is: it provides benefits that other so-called alternatives would or could not.

In this regard, allow us to perceive what this creation suggests, what is it, and what the same is trying to impress upon us.

More importantly, how it can impact our existence by merely directing our attention to the subliminal percentage of our cognitive intuition.

There had been a time in my life that I suffered a dire financial setback. I was in total disorder. I was confused, and I really did not know what to do. Failing at that moment to see a way out of my misery, it took a harsh toll in my mind.

I am not here to strategically convince you to take a closer look at this product, much less, get a copy of it. I just want to share you the experiences that I went through, and somehow be proud that life is not harsh after all, no matter what challenges it may seem to offer.

Not an absolute solution or an immediate patch, I should say, however, that this manifestation formula helped my mind loosen its tension. It aided me to view my ordeal as a welcome challenge to overcome.

Many were jobless when the post-recession period happened. Moreover, even those who had managed to keep their employment suffered a considerable cut in their salaries.

Companies justified that, instead of retrenching other principal workers, cut in the wages would seem to be the better alternative. I was affected in these times. I could not do anything. Negativity surrounds my whole existence. Dearth with energy, I cannot compose myself to uplift my situation.

Then, I decided to put my attention to reading. I scanned several books on law of attraction. I endeavored to learn how to achieve positivism in times like this.

I went through mind therapy. Not having enough money, I studied on a limited budget. None seemed to get going though. I felt I was still trapped. Mind therapies may be good but they provided only short-lived success within me. I had been clueless on my dreams and purpose.

Thanks to this man. He is Eddie Sergey. The creator of the Fifteen [15] Minute Manifestation.

One thing led to another; I stumbled on a savior. Eddie Sergey crossed my confused path. He is a multimillionaire businessman. He fossilized himself on a claim that he knows how to bridge the subconscious mind into consciousness, whereby the beautiful things, thoughts, dreams, perceptions, and the like in man’s subliminal world can manifest itself in the realm of total awareness, thereby, grasping the utopia in a manner that is not in a remote possibility anymore.

Author, Article,15 Minute Manifestation | The 15 Minute Manifestation Review

I would like to state that Eddie’s approach, in his helpful work, is rather scientific. It is not magical or a handmade miracle. Eddie utilized the methods and procedures of science to associate our thoughts. In doing this, Eddie made it possible to connect our brain’s tiniest element: the so-called sub-atomic particle. Of course, this is not by surgery. Neither it is actually and physically connecting them.

He created a strategy to direct the energy waves around and within ourselves in order to elicit a positive aura or affect [feelings]. Nonetheless, Eddie clarified that “THE EDITOR” or the subconscious a part of the brain limits our skills and thwarts us off from profusion by disrupting our focus.

Yet, fear not because, according to Eddie himself, there are certain ways to organically repurpose this cerebral subliminal aspect to steer us back to the state of abundance.

Nevertheless, what impresses me beyond that, is his own life experiences [you can refer to his website for detailed information]. Eddie had an unwholesome formative upbringing, very rough, tedious, and tumultuous indeed.

It was unfathomable how he was able to fight and survive that and become what he is right now. Necessarily, his hard journey had been the catalyst to discover this ability—which he is sharing right now—not only to help himself but other people as well.

Enough of the untold story and the event that transpired leading to the creation of one of the masterpieces of Eddie Sergey, co-created with the team of Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP] and Hypnosis Scientists. I am afraid it might bore you. Hence, we should delve into the 15-minute manifestation’s bottom line.

Thus, if you keep on searching for a helpful manual that is scientifically proven to re-purpose and re-coil the subconscious and subliminal part of your brain, this is now the opportunity to get a hold of this manifestation report, otherwise known as the “15-Minute Manifestation”.

The funny thing is that no amount of hard work is needed to utilize the strategies in this manual. You are only required to listen to the audio tracks. This is not a total reading material. You are not mandated to read long instructions, strategies, and procedures to use and enjoy this.

When I started the audio session. It baffles me. I listened to the first audio track for 15 minutes, everyday for one week. Hearing those sounds, I can say, aside from the beauty of let us say a fantastic music, that fifteen [15] minute period of sound immersion did a lot of mind reconditioning.

It can bring you back to nature or subconscious aspirations, where life’s problems in a physical world are beyond recognition.

You may progressively feel the improvements within the first seven [7] days. You will be motivated; thus, you will find out that time easily flies, without knowing that it has been twenty-one [21] days already since you have started listening to the tracks.

The Fifteen [15] Minute Manifestation is not a fly by night product or item. It does not come from a scammer’s mind. Neither such program belongs to the cheapjack, low-quality, rubbishy, and worthless piece of thrash, designed merely to defraud the buying public.

Furthermore, time, concentration, focus, and proper mindset are needed to fully absorb its benefits; hence, this Program Manifestation is not that what others call “Think positive and the world will serve it to you”, kind of value.

Added safeguard to the ambivalent and as mentioned above, this manifestation manual , likewise, prides itself with a 365-days no-questions-asked money back assurance guarantee

Yet, not all are perfect. This Fifteen [15] Minute Manifestation may also have relatively perceived debacle too. This will give proper results when done correctly by following the course as outlined and instructed. You have listen to the audio tracks daily for the entire period of three [3] weeks or twenty-one [21] days.

You will be surprised that you will eventually feel the change earlier than expected. However, allow me to state that desired results will not happen instantly overnight. When you believe in overnight results, chances are, you will get disappointed.

Consequently, when you just simply want or desire to collect products, programs, tutorials, and the like and does not want to do anything at all with the information inside them, much less consume them for the better, I would put you on notice and suggest to you not to waste your money.

This Fifteen [15] Minute Manifestation is for the focused, dedicated, and serious individuals only. They are the ones who really desire to improve their existence!

The Verdict

Many people misunderstood, and continuously not comprehending, this, however. The program concentrates mainly on nurturing the power of your mind. Perforce, its effect is relative in nature.

Stating that it is good or bad will also be dependent upon a relative and case to case basis results. It can tilt either way, favorable or no result at all.

Although, one thing is for sure. Anybody can practice, do, or endeavor on, it; yet, it may not work for everybody.

When the program works well with you, it can do wonders in your life. All told, being able to get rid of negative energies and focusing on getting what you really want is in itself a milestone. If the program does not work, well, you can always get your money back, applying the above-stated warranty!

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